Walk the World

With 2D-Adventure by Kraut.World (read: crowd world), you can have a walk at different places. Explore, meet people, talk and have fun. This takes you directly into your adventure in a virtual world. Bring your friends and have a party.

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Listen to Schenklradio

Music made for you. This community radio usually starts around 8pm in the evening. You can be a DJ yourself. Check out this project or directly start streaming if available.

Stream Project Website

Cybercafe Bar

Occasionally we gather to talk and listen to music. Meet the Cybercafe people directly. Watch out for date announcements on this website or make a suggestion for having a party together.

To the bar

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Join us at Matrix

Click here for joining the Cybercafe Matrix room.

Clandestine on Mastodon

Check out the #clandestine hashtag on Mastodon.

Now, without further ado, come and join us. Here is your way straight to: